about me

So here’s the simple truth – I’ve got this very focused yet very vague dream that I am chasing down.  It’s been swimming around in my head and driving my heart crazy for about ten years.  The time has come to do something, really do something about it.

“You victorize us” was said to me by a 16 year old girl raising her 4 younger brothers and sisters, who I had interviewed for a small video ten years ago. Today I am back in South Africa to do more than just make a child feel good for a few minutes.  This time, we’re moving some mountains.

Ok the dream:  To define some attainable goals for underserved kids, starting here in South Africa. To get them the direct support needed project by project.  To engage all kids and families in active connection globally, realizing an understanding of our commonality, resulting in a far reaching spirit of generosity. To tell stories.

Additional personal goal: Maybe figure out where in the world I want to live.

My crazy reality:  I have very good aesthetics and am very particular about stuff – but I’ve sold just about everything I had.  Second piece of insanity: I hate being alone but have committed to being a solitaire traveler.  And this is really nuts: I am a 61 year old woman with high brow taste, very little money who can make a simple situation complicate and a complicated one simple. In other words I screw up a lot but get over it and thru it somehow.  I am more religious and much more liberal then some might expect. Some would say I am smart, others would say dramatic, almost all would agree I’m funny and courageous. Bottom line: my life by some odd twist of fate makes for a pretty good read.

So, if you want a good laugh, if you have a kind heart and want to learn a little bit along the way, come with me on this wonderful adventure as I bumble through the details of traveling, have amazing conversations, intentional and random, and tear my heart out fighting to touch and really really help because ultimately for me, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE KIDS.

Thank you to all those who have given me so much love and support as I set out on this adventure.  Please stay with me. Follow me on facebook and this blog. Lead me with comments and love.

Off we go!